Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

Before contacting us, please take a look at this page, which is regularly updated, to see if you find the answer to your questions.


  • How can I order on Saveur-biè

You just have to browse in the different categories of our website or to use the search bar to find a product in particular. Once all the products you need are in your cart, clik on "order" at the top right to access your cart's page.

- On this page, you can delete a product or change the quantity you want. You can go back to the website to buy new products any time you want. You can fill in a discount code or add one of our suggested products. You're done shopping? You can validate this to access "finalise your order".

- You then have to give a delivery address (it can be different to the billing address) and choose the carrier you want according to the delivery time you desire. Be careful! for some products, you might not be able to choose the carrier because of the size or weight of your order. You also choose how you wish to pay for your order: transfer, Paypal, credit card... Everything is done? Then click on "Validate and see the recap".

- Before paying, you are redirected to a recap page on which we give you a list of the contents of your cart as well as the means of payment you chose. If you agree with all the information listed, you can proceed to your order's validation and its payment.

- Once your order is paid, you can leave a message to be joined to your order to inform our team, if it is a gift, or any indications we have to inform the carrier with.

  • Where do I write my voucher number?

Once you have clicked "ORDER", the recap of your cart will appear, and below there will be a "write my voucher number" section. Fill the section, and the voucher will be deduced from the invoice.

Means of payment

  • What are the payment methods?

You have 3 means of payment: Credit card, Paypal or transfer. For the latter, the order will be sent once the transfer is received.

Order's preparation

  • How long does it take to get an order ready?

We prepare your order within 24h after its validation. If you ordered on a Monday for instance, it will be prepared on Tuesday morning and sent on the same day! There are no preparations during weekends, so all orders made on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be prepared on a Monday.

  • Can I be delivered on a Saturday morning?

Yes! In this case, we prepare your orders Friday morning before 12 A.M. so as to allow you to order in the morning and be delivered the following day. However, you will have to pay the additional Chronopost fee that will be indicated when placing your order.


  • What are the delivery terms in France?

You will be delivered within 24 to 48h after the parcel has left our warehouse. All the delivery terms are indicated during the ordering process.

  • What are the delivery terms in Europe?

You will be delivered within 2 to 5 days according to the country after the parcel has left our warehouse. All the delivery terms are indicated during the ordering process.

  • What are the shipping fees?

Take a look at our delivery page, or simulate an order by adding all the products you want to order and keep validating the pages until "finalise your order" page. On the latter, you will get all the shipping fees according to the carrier you chose.

You can do that without having a customer account. If you want to validate your order, all you need is to create an account.

  • How can I track my parcel with GLS?

On the day after your parcel is sent, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number and a link redirecting you to the parcel tracking website. It is the easiest and quickest way to track your parcel and to know exactly what day your order will be delivered.

If you have a big order (and we thank you for that!), it might be sent in different parcels, with a tracking number for each of them. Depending on the carrier, an e-mail or a text message will be sent to you to let you know when your parcel has been delivered to the selected address. You can also call the carrier's customer service: 0890890059 (1,34 € per call/ 0,34 € per minute).

  • How can I track my parcel with Chronopost?

On the dispatch day in the evening, you will receive a mail confirming the dispatch of your order with its tracking number(s) and the link that will lead you to the tracking of your order. Depending on the carrier, an email or an SMS will be sent to you in order to inform you that the order has been delivered to the agreed address.     

  • How can I change the address on a validated order?

Depending on the status of your order, we may or may not change the delivery address. If your order is already indicated as "preparation process", unfortunately; we won't be able to change the address as your order is probably already packed and ready to go. But if it is not in preparation yet, you can send us an e-mail so we can proceed to change it as quickly as possible.

Reception of your order

  • How can I send a product back?

You have received your order but you realized that it wasn't what you expected. You have a 14 day withdrawal period after your parcel reception to let us know that you are returning it. Only if the product has not been used or deteriorated.

  • My parcel has been damaged during transportation, how do I handle this?

You have three days after your parcel's reception to let us know about your claim. After that period we won't be able to consider any compensation. You can send us an e-mail at

1st situation: You noticed the damage and told the carrier about it. All you have to do is to send us an e-mail at with one or several pictures. We will ask for your order number and make the inventory of what has been damaged to send you the right products again.

2nd situation: You did not tell the carrier about the damage but you subscribed to our “Keep Calm” insurance. Please, send us an e-mail at with a sworn statement so we can proceed to a compensation. If you have not told the carrier and if you did not subscribe to the insurance, we won't be able to compensate you.

Opening the parcel in front of the driver and telling him if there is damage remains the best way to get a compensation quickly!

Other questions concerning the products

  • How can I get spare parts for my Beertender?

You have to contact Beertender company who deals with commercialization of spare parts on or you can call them at 0800 000 888.

  • What differences are there between all the different beer dispensers?

We have made a dispenser guide to help you choose the dispenser that will best meet your needs. Some are not available anymore but remain in this guide to help you find the kegs that are compatible with your kegs.

  • How do I choose the kegs that are compatible with my dispenser?

Choosing the right keg is essential. All kegs are not compatible with your beer dispenser. Take a look at our guide so you can choose the keg you need.

  • What is "Keep Calm" insurance and the subscription to Loyalty Club?

This insurance is just a guarantee to get a compensation if your parcel is damaged during transportation if you haven't told the carrier about the damage. If there were to be a problem, you would get a full compensation.

Concerning the Club, the 2,49€ euros contribution will allow you to exchange your points, accumulated each time you order, into vouchers. However, for that you need to subscribe to the Club and pay the contribution first. If you subscribed on your third order, you will get the points for your two previous orders. Are you a loyal customer? To thank you for it, we will credit your club account for each order you make: 1 € = 1 point. Depending on the number of points you have, you can access different discounts on your next order. You can exchange your points by going to "The Club" account.

  • I would like to rent a dispenser for the weekend

Weddings, parties... We rent professional dispensers for any occasion! But for practical reasons, we only rent in Lille Metropolis. You can have more information at

Concerning my order

  • I did not receive my order but I was withdrawn

If your order is properly shown on your account, please contact us and we will tell you where your parcel is.

If you have not found your order on your account, please send us an e-mail and add a copy of the debiting procedure (picture, scan...) so we can identify the issue and send your order as fast as possible.

  • I sent my cheque but I haven't received my order yet

Please be patient. We take care of the cheques as soon as we receive them, and then we send you an e-mail to tell you that the payment has been accepted. We depend on the post services. It might take 4 to 5 working days to get a cheque. If it takes longer than this, contact us, it might have been lost.

All orders paid by cheque that haven't been cashed in within 7 days, will be canceled.

  • I did not get any invoice for my order, how can I get it?

We don't add any invoice to your parcel, but you can find it by signing in to your account and going to your order details. You can then download a PDF file and print it.

  • My discount voucher is not working

Maybe it is not valid anymore. Please contact our Customer Service.

  • How do I track my parcel?

You can track and view the status of your order by going to “My account” page once you are connected. All your orders are available on "Orders history". Once your order is sent, please take a look at the tacking page.

  • How do I proceed to a bank transfer?

To pay by bank transfer and to confirm an order, you have to transfer to the following bank account. You also have to indicate your order number and all information we need to identify you.

Account number : 30641792161
Bank code: 13507
Sort code : 00106
RIB key: 92
Account name: SAS INTER DRINKS
Bank name : Banque Populaire du Nord - Marcq-en-Baroeul

IBAN : FR76 1350 7001 0630 6417 9216 192


Your order will be dispatched only after the payment has been received.

  • How do I pay by cheque?

To pay by cheque, you have to address it to Saveur Bière by providing your order number in the back, then sending it to the following address:


PORT FLUVIAL, 2ème avenue

59000 Lille


  • I subscribed to Bière magazine, but have not received it yet

The magazine is edited every three months. Once you place your order, you do not receive the present quarter's magazine, but the next one. After ordering, the demand is sent to Bière magazine's publisher. For more information about your subscription, please call (+33) 5 55 36 47 00.

Concerning personal information

  • I can't connect to my account

If a message pops up, telling you that you entered the wrong password, you have to ask for a new one. It can take a few minutes before you get an e-mail allowing you to get a new password. On the bottom section of our website, click on "lost password" and enter your e-mail address. A new password will be sent to you.

  • I can't change my points

You just haven't subscribed to the Club yet. It is never too late, you can subscribe during your next order and get back points from your former orders. Your points will be immediately credited once your order is under the “Sent order” status.

  • I moved or changed my e-mail address, how can I change my information?

To change your personal information, you need to sign in on our website, and proceed to the changes on your account page.

  • How do I sign out?

If you are connected on a public computer, just "sign out" before you leave.

Concerning professionals

  • I am a professional and I would like to know what your costs are?

You are a professional and you would like access to our professional costs: You need to go to InterDrinks, our professional website, to buy bottled beer, glassware, kegs…. Or if you want to buy raw materials; a professional dispenser or equipment, take a look at our Bières du Monde website.

Returnable kegs

  • Is there a bottle deposit?

Nope, our bottles are sold with a non-returnable price, without deposit. You can throw them away, we don't ask for them back.

  • How can I get my 6L perfectdraft 5deposit back?

Our carriers can't in any case take them back during a delivery, as we use different companies. To return your empty kegs, we use “Mondial Relay”. Please take a look at this page for more information:

If in a European country aside from France, you have to send back your empty kegs by your own means. Unfortunately, we do not have at our disposal the same keg pickup stores as we do in France.


  • How do I optimize my order?

We send beers in cardboard boxes divided into 12 parts for 25,33 and 50cl bottles. So, you can optimize your order by taking 12,24,36 bottles (or more!). 75Cl bottles are packed in a box divided into 6 parts.

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