"Ratebeer" ratings

Ratebeer ratings on Saveur Bière?

What is Ratebeer?

Ratebeer site is a community where craft beer enthusiasts from around the world come together and share opinions of beers. Over the years, Ratebeer has become a true resource in the beer universe (of hundreds of thousands of passionate members). Each of them can add a beer that has already tasted and rate it out of 100. Consequently, other members who have tasted the same beer would also be able to rate it, to give their point of view and to describe it (appearance, aroma and taste).

How does it work?

Ratings are based on different standards: :

  • Average vote
  • Number of votes
  • Average rating of the beers from a particular brewery

It is important to know that not all members have the same « status » on the site. Actually, a « rater » (who rates beers) with 30 ratings will affect more the average score of a beer than a recent member.

All this compiled data provides Ratebeer ratings which have become a resource in the beer enthusiast universe today. Moreover, each year the website publishes a global beer ranking considered as the most important one in the brewing universe.

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