Brewdog Punk IPA

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Fruity savors reminiscent of peaches and tropical fruits emerge from this Scottish excellent beer.

Our Beer Master Says

Punk IPA is a Scottish beer which was inspired by American trends in terms of brewing and selection of hops.

One will find a very hoppy beer in the same style as beers brewed by small breweries from North America. For the brewing process, this Punk IPA uses Marris Otter Extra Pale malt and Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Nelson Sauvin hops to flavour and give it a distinctive character. It pours a blond color reminiscent of peaches and is topped with a fine creamy white and long-lasting head.

It challenges the nose with slight aromas of hay, fruits and herbs. It reveals on the tongue fruity flavors reminiscent of peach and tropical fruits, followed by a relatively powerful, dry and long-lasting bitterness. The whole is followed by a fine fruity aftertaste. Once again Brewdog offers a delicious hoppy beer.

For beer connoisseurs seeking new sensations of character, this young Scottish brewery is one of the most creative and popular ones these last two years. More than ten exceptional beers are offered by these talented and eccentric brewers. As a consequence, it receives today prize after prize for its quality and originality.

Glass to use: Verre Brewdog à pied 25c cL

  • Appearance

    Orange peach-coloured

  • Aroma

    Powerful aromas of exotic and tropical fruits

  • Taste

    Fresh flavours of fruit and sharp bitterness

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