PerfectDraft Löwenbrau Oktoberfestbier Party Pack

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Celebrate Oktoberfest, the world's most famous Beer Festival with this Löwenbrau Oktoberfestbier Party Pack, featuring PerfectDraft Beer Dispenser, 2 Löwenbrau Oktoberfest 6-litre Kegs, a bar-mat, 2 Craft Master glasses & a fridge magnet
  • Perfectdraft
  • WARRANTY2 years
  • CUSTOMER SERVICEDirectly in a repairing agency, certified by Philips
  • AB InBev


All technical information

Get ready to be the life and soul of the party this Oktober, and impress your friends and family with this PerfectDraft beer dispenser, a design classic with beautifully sculpted lines in black and chrome.

The complete PerfectDraft Kit: beer dispenser, 2 6-litre Kegs of Hoegaarden Blanche, Leffe Blonde, Stella Artois blonde, or Jupiler blonde, 2 Craft Master glasses and a PerfectDraft fridge magnet.

Designed for 6-litre PerfectDraft kegs, it allows you to serve multiple beers, each as perfectly chilled as the last to maximise the tasting experience. Easy to use, this market-leading machine offers a host of advantages, including a wide variety of kegs, a professional-style tap, and a drip-tray.

It also features a display screen showing the number of days left to use your beer in optimum freshness, the quantity of beer left and the current temperature of the keg.

It is supplied with two six-litre kegs of crisp, clear, malty Löwenbrau Oktoberfest beer, two Craft Master glasses, and a Saveur Bière bar-mat to stand them on. Add a fridge magnet and the kit is complete.

This package is also available with two kegs of Hoegaarden Blanche, Leffe Blonde, Stella Artois blonde, or Jupiler blonde.

Expect to see a lot more of your neighbours from now on…

PerfectDraft Party Pack includes

-1 PerfectDraft beer dispenser

-2 6-litre Löwenbrau Oktoberfestbier kegs

-1 Saveur Bière bar-mat

-2 Craft Master glasses

-1 Fridge Magnet

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  • Strength

    Moderate (4 to 5°)

  • Type of keg

    6L Perfectdraft

  • Keg-use

    Only with a dispenser

  • Dispensing tap

    No, the keg cannot be used without a dispenser

  • Keg life

    4 weeks

  • Keg with deposit

    Yes, 5 euros

  • Accepted cartridge

    No cartridge required

  • Compatible barrels

    Perfectdraft 6 liters,

  • Temperature Display


  • Beer level display


  • Conservation Display


  • Pressure regulation

    No, no regulation

  • Guarantee

    2 years

  • After-sales service

    Directly in a repairing agency, certified by Philips

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