La Cagole

<p>La Cagole: a beer in Provence</p>

La Cagole is a blonde Pilsen-style beer created in Marseille in 2003. It is the brainchild of two lifelong friends, who hit upon the idea while they were having a drink in a summerhouse, somewhere down the coast from Marseille.
The term cagole refers to a young lady from the Calanques area of coastline to the east of Marseille, renowned for their rustic charm.
The two creators, beer lovers nostalgic for the old Marseille, envisaged a beer that matched the colour of the masonry in the city’s old port, a golden beer with a Provençale accent.
The first Cagole beers were produced in a microbrewery in the city’s Panier quarter, homage to long-forgotten regional beers such as Velten, Phénix, and Marx.
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    (2 Reviews)

    A very refreshing Witbier with notes of citrus fruit!

    (3 Reviews)

    A golden thirst-quencher from Marseille with love!

    (4 Reviews)

    The Cagole Blonde, a delighful and powerful Pilsen by the French brewery Cagole!

    (2 Reviews)

    La Cagole magnet to add to your fridge! 
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