About the Weihenstephan Brewery

The world has changed down the ages, and today we can see the fruits of that
change. However, throughout Weihnestephan’s momentous history one thing has
remained constant: Weihenstephan beer.
After almost 1,000 years the monastery, home of the Weihenstephan Brewery, still sits at the
top of the hill at Weihenstephan. Testament to its quality and traditions, it remains the
world’s oldest brewery still in operation.

  • Hefe Weissbier/2015

    Category “Germany - Bavarian Hefeweiss”

  • Hefe Weissbier/2016

  • Hefe Weissbier Dunkel/2012

    Category “World’s Best Wheat Beer Dark”

  • Hefe Weissbier Dunkel/2015

    Category “ German Style Dunkel Best Wheat Beer”

  • Kristall Weissbier/2015

    Category “Germany - Bavarian Kristal”

  • Kristall Weissbier/2015

    Category “Best Wheat Beer- German Style”

  • Original/2014

    Category " World's Best Helles / Munchner "

  • Original/2015

    Category " Best European Style Lager "

  • Pilsner/2015

    Category “Best Pilsner”

  • Vitus/2011

    Category “World's Best Beer”

  • Vitus/2015

    Category “Best Wheat Beer”

  • Korbinian/2012

    Category “All Lager over 6°”

  • Korbinian/2014

    Silver Europe


The world has changed through the ages and today is a product of this change.
It’s nice to know that in the eventful history of Weihenstephan, with all its developments, achievements
and setbacks,one thing has remained constant: our beer. Thus the Weihenstephan Monastery Brewery -
after nearly a thousand years - still stands upon the Weihenstephan Hill, proud of its quality and its
tradition and conscious of its position as the oldest existing brewery in the world.

    (3 Reviews)

    A typical German wheat beer with caramel and chocolate flavours!

    (18 Reviews)

    A Weissbier by Weihenstephaner, the oldest brewery in the World!

    (1 Reviews)

    It takes time to make a quality beer. A classic German laager, light and terribly...

    (1 Reviews)

    A beer brewed for all the German beers lovers!

    (23 Reviews)

    The Imperial version of the famous German brewery: Beer elected best beer in the world...

    (3 Reviews)

    Celebrate Okotberfest with this Märzen from Weihenstephan!

    (2 Reviews)

    Generously malted Bavarian Pilsner

    (2 Reviews)

    30 cl - 30cl – The perfect glass to taste a Weihenstephaner beer!

    (15 Reviews)

    50 cl - At last you can enjoy your Weihenstephaner beer like a true German
  • Weihenstephaner bar towel
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